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Waterproof Zipper Bag, Wash Bag

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We have waterproof fabric in - isn't it BEAUTIFUL?

Look at the light shining through it!

🌈 Now available in Three different waterproof fabrics - Pastel Clouds, Starry Peter Rabbit and Roaring Dinos! Lots of options available for these zipped bags, depending on what you want them for!

🌈Unlined Flat - keep it simple!

🌈Cotton Lined flat - waterproof on the out, soft and coordinated on the inside! Great as a pencil case, phone, electronic items, medication, or to hold anything you want to keep dry and cosy.

🌈Waterproof Lined flat - lined with the same gorgeous fabric in and out - use for reusable pads, shower stuff, cosmetics, arts and crafts supplies - you name it!

🌈Unlined Box Base - simple with a shorter body and base that sits flat

🌈Cotton Lined Box Base - flat base, soft cotton lining - see above for usage ideas!

🌈Waterproof Lined Box Base - flat base, waterproof lining - keep what's out, out, and what's in, in... well, until you unzip it... Pick your option below and let me know what you're planning to use it for!


Care and fabric options: 100% Polyester Easy Care - Wipe Clean Only

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