Hi! I’m Sarah, I started Seven Makes in 2020 after gaining a bit of a fabric buying habit when making facemasks for my family and friends during lockdown. When a couple of friends suggested i sell the masks and then more people asked where they could order them from, i decided to make it a thing! a few months later and i had a few more products and a lot more customers (even some i didn't know!!)

I studied 3D design crafts at art college and ended up specialising in large scale metalwork, after working in ceramics, woodwork, plastics and jewellery. I was self employed as a designer/ metalworker for a number of years after getting my degree, but, for health reasons, i sadly needed to close the business. Living in a 2nd floor flat in Glasgow lent itself to smaller scale projects and I’m thrilled to be making again!

I am passionate about creating useful products which are created with the environment in mind - many of my products are alternatives to single use products and i strive to use sustainable practices, limit waste, use recycled (and recyclable!) packaging and will only ever use vegan inks and materials. 

self portrait photo of Sarah, casually dressed in a great hoodie and black beanie hat, smiling