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UnSponges - Wee Biodegradable Scrubbers for Pots and Pans, Surfaces and Stuff!

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These Un-Sponges are a great plastic-free way of helping you towards your zero-waste goals! 

Made with a top layer of 100% printed cotton, base (scrubbing!) layer of eco friendly jute and with three layers of 100% cotton towelling in the middle, these pads are sewn with cotton thread too meaning you can chop them up and pop them in the compost to biodegrade when you’re finished with them.

reusable time and time again and machine washable (tested up to 40C) these pads are great for loads of tasks (here’s some we’ve tried so far!)

pots and pans



baths and toilets


buy them individually or in packs of two and let us know how you get on!