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Luxury Reusable Sanitary Pads - super absorbent, eco friendly alternative to disposable sanitary pads

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Product description:

Antibacterial and anti microbial and high tech super absorbent materials make these reusable sanitary pads both comfortable to wear and offer a bit of luxury when you need it!

the Zorb core means the pad holds its shape and doesn’t bunch up meaning all surface area is available for absorption 

The soft bamboo layer is also absorbent and also moisture wicking, bamboo has antimicrobial properties too! NB it’s the soft, towelling bamboo layer that goes facing up, against the vulva. 

wings with coordinating poppers to secure the pad in place


Softest Bamboo viscose upper layer

inner hidden Zorb 4D super absorbent, anti microbial and waterproof fabric which absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds

100% cotton outer layer - please note fabric colours (cotton and bamboo layers) can vary - if you have strong feelings either way (dark/ light etc) please pop a note in your order 💞


Available in 4 sizes;

Mini - use daily or for very light flow days or for extra protection when wearing a cup/ tampon - c.19cm long

- medium flow - c.24cm long


Maxi - heavy flow - c. 26.5cm long


Maxi Plus - very heavy flow or night time use, also great for post-partum use - c.29.5cm long


New Starter Packs, Deluxe Starter Packs and Super Deluxe Starter packs are also available - buy all you'll need and SAVE!

The Deluxe and Super Deluxe Packs include Dual Pocket Zipper Wet/Dry bags and the Super Deluxe Packs include the Eco-Wipes as well - both are available separately (just click on the product names above)

Welcome to the Club - Gift Box
This is a fabulous gift for anyone starting their journey with reusables and especially good for those starting menstruating! 
it includes: 

  • one of each size of luxury reusable sanitary pad - mini, midi, maxi and maxi plus

  • one small Quilted Hot Water Bottle 

  • one Small Waterproof Wet and Dry Bag

  • one pack of reusable Eco-wipes

  • one bar of gorgeous vegan chocolate!


washing and care instructions:

rinse under cold water until water runs clear

hand or machine wash warm

Air or tumble dry 

reuse! ♻️



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