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Rainbows and Hot Air Balloon Rides Zipper Pouch

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Brighten up your rainy days with these colourful quality zipper pouches - lined with cute coordinating fabric and perfect for keeping your bits and bobs safe on the go! Every cloud has a pink hot air balloon lining, that’s how it goes, right?

Made with natural fabric and liner in 100% cotton with a coordinated zip the bags are perfect for stashing everything from toiletries and cosmetics to crafting supplies!

All my fabric choices are personally curated and each design is limited edition - i buy a small amount of the fabrics so you can buy a really rare product! I love to make these wee bags and i really hope you enjoy them too - do let mw know what you end up putting in them! <3

The bags are machine washable up to 60*C, should they get a bit grubby after accompanying you on your adventures!

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