Gift Ideas for Everyone!

Gift Ideas for Everyone!

It's that time of year where things can get a bit stressful - spinning too many plates and left it a bit tight?

Buying that last-minute present for someone you forgot about, or thought you mightn't see this year... that gift for that hard-to-buy-for person (we all have one, right?) who just gets themselves whatever they want when they want it? 

So, here are some ideas for gifts from Seven Makes which might help a bit!

The wee-est ones

Check out our new Winnie The Pooh range of products - Zipper Bags, Fabric Storage Box or Drawstring bags, or our waterproof lined zipper bags for reusable nappies/ wipes and more! Thirdly - we have Miffy Fabrics which we've made into matching facemasks, scrunchies, zipper bags and Fabric Storage boxes! We also have a mini-messenger bag in Peter Rabbit fabric too!



The Budding Environmentalist

For Enviro-Friendly Friends and Family: What about our Save the Planet with Science Zipper or Mini-Messenger or our range of Reusable (of course) Lined Drawstring Bags with some fab Eco-Friendly Messages? Or what about a Fabric Storage Box as a plant-pot holder? Don't forget out waterproof lined zippers can be great for re-usable pads too!



The Rainbow-Lover

Whether it's the Pride Rainbow, the Support-The-NHS-rainbow or just a love of rainbows, we have a lot of options! Zipper Bags, Masks, Even Cozy Hot Water Bottle Covers... We've got you covered! 

  pride skate rainbow fabric at seven makes


The Organiser

Know some who's organised (or could do with being more organised?) These Fabric Storage Boxes have been a real hit for gifts this year! Also out Zipper Bags come in a wide variety of fabrics and can be cotton- or waterproof lined, so great for storing away arts and crafts materials too!



The Accessory-Lover

Scrunchies are back! What about a matching Scrunchies and Mask set? Or one of our Care Packs that includes a mask, zipper and a wee bottle to pop some hand-sanitiser in? 


The "I'd like to choose something myself" person

Let's face it - there's usually one of those people who you might be a bit hesitant to pin down something they'd really love, right? Why not just get them a gift card



So - lots of ideas there and many plain options too for those who're not wild about pattern... And i never even got started on our quite thorough dinosaur fabric range... 

Please also know what small businesses you're buying from this year - I'm planning a "support small" post in January and i'd love to include your favourites! If there's an option to comment below, please do! 

Thanks again, 



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